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Taxis are a very convenient means of transportation, but in Paris, one cannot expect to be picked up by just stand up and wave to one of the cars as they pass. Then the risk of being ignored is unfortunately pretty large. Instead, the safest way to get a taxi to stand at one of the approximately 500 pieces taxi pillars that are placed around the Paris.


  • It can be very hard to get hold of a taxi around lunch and on the evening.
  • Taxi chafförerna usually find not If you are sitting in front seat, which means that most practical do not want to pick up more than three passengers at a time. If there are four or more, It is customary to pay an additional fee of approximately 5 Euro.
  • To go in Centre daytime usually cost between 6-12 Euro. Here you will find a good site to figure out (about) What taxi the journey will cost:
  • Some companies charge a extra fee for each additional the baggage (bag) man has with himself, that is, a bag is free, and each extra bag costing 1 Euro.
  • It goes Shuttle buses (shuttles) both between Orly and CDG and Paris.
  • When book a taxi by phone, so turn the taximeter on as soon as the taxi begins its journey to pick you up.
  • Many taxi chafförer speak not (or very bad) English, so always try to have the destination address transcript.

Taxi companies

  • Alpha Taxi Phone Number:
  • Taxi G7 Phone Number: