Airport transfers

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To travel between Paris and its airports

There are both shared shuttle and private transfers at reasonable prices from Paris all airports. It can sometimes be confusing and time consuming to public transport from the airport to Paris Center. This applies especially to those who have not been in Paris before. Of course, this is exploited by the Taxi companies, the sole run with current rate.

Paris traffic situation makes such travel usually costs between 60-90 Euros and that is why it is often safer to pre-book any kind of transfer before you travel to Paris. See more about it below. Two people who choose to go private transfer to fixed price from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris Center, earning almost always to do this instead of taking the taxi because of the heavy Paris traffic and relatively expensive taxi tariffs.

Shared bus transfer means a slightly longer travel time, because a stop at more stops, but is also cheaper than private transfer. Shared bus is a good option if you go to Paris and not have everything in a hurry, but it is two or more in the company, so it pays to instead choose private transfer.

Warning 1: There are many transport companies that are frivolous and outrageous charge for taxi fares and transfers. It should not cost over 100 euros for two people to go one way from CDG to Paris City Centre. Many travel-weary tourists, however, choose not to confront these companies, without pay nicely for the trip. This can leave a bitter aftertaste that often lasts for the whole stay, as we at Paris-city do not want anyone to experience when visiting Paris.

Warning 2: As a tourist, you are often offered to go illegal taxis at the airport. These are characterized by the fact that they are not in the regular taxi sex (that signs leading to inside the airport and staffed by airport personnel 24 hours a day). Taxi drivers goes around inside the airport to ragga unsuspecting customers. Select never to go with these rogue taxi company, because they run completely uninsured, often in worse vehicles and almost exclusively takes shameless paid. Not only is it the chorus often running tourists to hotels because they often receive commissions of rogue hotels for the tourists they lurk there. All other options are better than black taxi, including public transport.

Paris airports offer a variety of alternative transport methods into the city. Below we list the respective airport.

  • Charles De Gaulle (CDG) ; Transport via Taxi, Airport shuttle, Metro and two bus routes. With private transfer takes about 60 minutes to get from CDG to Paris City Centre, While it takes about 90 minutes if you choose to go shared bus transfer.
  • Orly (ORY) ; Transport via Taxi, Airport shuttle, Metro and two bus routes.
  • Beauvais (BVA) ; Flying man hit with RyanAir, so use to their own bus transport.

Another option is to rent a car directly at the airport.