Language Studies in Paris

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Eurocentres Paris
Eurocentres Paris



the Seine

Vill hand uppleva in Paris under Langran tid, Kansk men inte riktigt Air redo att flytta egen hand shovel hit arbete kan för utomlandsstudier stick ETT alternativ. Kanno du dig dock inte på att beredd Soka till Sorbonne direkt på Kansk in Kurs i franska passar bättre. Till Paris KOMMER årligen tusentals språkstudenter Mello åldrarna 13 Air och uppåt, Från HeLa världen.

Medan to yngre språkresenärerna laser paddle ETT campus soder om Paris innerstad kan man Från åldern 16 years and older enjoy schools in central Paris and really feel like a part of the city. Paris has several language schools to choose from and which one you choose depends on the courses offered and where you want to assume in your explorations through the city streets. Want to study in central Latin Quarter or on the north bank between the Opera, The Louvre and Notre Dame?

The language courses offered in Paris are easy to adjust according to your own wishes and aspirations. For example, offer most courses from 2, up to 48 weeks, which means that you can decide how long you want to study. It is also possible to choose between standard and intensive courses which vary in class time over a week. While intensive courses often read to the round the clock 16.00 given standard courses not beyond 13.00, giving the whole afternoon free to enjoy the city. Because the French are famous for not wanting to speak English to get much language practice outside of class time, which is well worth taking advantage of and exploit. Do not be intimidated if you are a beginner, the vast majority of French people speak English and the courses are tailored for your own language level.

For those looking to get proof of their French skills for further study in a French-speaking country or for careers offer several schools graduate courses. The exam available are DELF, DALF, TCF and TEF and it is well worth finding out the differences before you book. Get in touch with the language travel agents offering Language Travel France for free advice and also special offers for longer courses. Because several different brokers offer courses in Paris, it is a good idea to explore options. The same applies to the various accommodation options that are included in the course fee. Most common is the living living with a local Parisian family, and thus have a unique insight into the city's everyday life. Second, and sometimes freer option, is sharing an apartment with other students. Language Courses is no longer the preserve of youngsters but is equally suitable for adults francophiles and romantics who come to Paris for a long time.