Paris cemeteries, large and small

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To visit a graveyard might not be the first thing you think of doing when you vacation in a big city. But it can be both instructive and exciting, in particular, grave monuments are Grand or original. The old cemeteries, headstones often an exposé of ancient architectural ideals and styles. Many cemeteries also offers a peaceful atmosphere and lush surroundings, You may need after a few days in the big city swarm. Hike along the aisles and contemplate the passage of escape raked.

In Paris, see multiple cemeteries that have become famous due to well-known cultural figures resting there. The cemetery that probably receives most long-distance visitors, Cimetière du Père Lachaise. A contributing factor is that Jim Morrison is buried there – the cult singer of The Doors died in Paris in 1971. Two other fabled people resting on the Père Lachaise is the twelfth-century lovers Pierre Abélard and Heloise. Their remains were moved there in 1817.
The cemetery was opened in 1804, and among the big names from the 1800 's who received their last rest there were Frenchmen Honoré de Balzac and Georges Bizet and pole Frédéric Chopin. Paris has long been a focal point for intellectuals from all over the world, and many of them worked and died in the city. The Swedish choreographer Jean Börlin, the founder of Swedish Ballet in Paris, for example, is buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, as well as the artists Amadeo Modigliani and Max Ernst. Many prominent figures of French 1900-talskultur, as Marcel Proust and Edith Piaf, also have their tombs at Père Lachaise. To find all the interesting graves, it is best to get a overview map at the entrance.

Do you live on hotels Paris in the Montparnasse district is close to another cemetery, where many famous people are buried. Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir shares a simple grave site near one of the entrances. A far pampigare family grave, from the beginning of the 20th century, has the inventor Charles Pigeon. It is designed as a bed where the spouses Pigeon is stretched, the inventor of the process of writing notes.

Also at this cemetery are the graves of intellectuals from different countries: Julio Cortázar, Samuel Beckett, Constantin Brancusi, Tristan Tzara — whose resting place is great with a simple memory plate – and Susan Sontag to name some names. When you walk around in Montparnasse cemetery is reminded that France has participated in two wars during the 20th century. Many of the tombs are adorned with medals for.

Also in Montmartre is a graveyard, significantly less than the previously mentioned and surrounded by a high wall. Here you can take a break from the noise of the city and visit the author Alexandre Dumas and artist Edgar Degas graves. Or just walk around and look at all the monuments erected over Frenchmen and others over the years. Culture History, art and nature experiences – Paris cemeteries are worth a visit.