A day at Versailles

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If you are in Paris for a longer period of time is a day trip to Versailles to recommend. This is where the intimate village atmosphere with the French monarchy's premier status symbol. Versailles is a history lesson for those who like frivolity and extravagance.

If you live in the inner city, at one of the many nice and cheap hotels that are, You can easily get to Versailles by train or bus. The city of Versailles and the castle of the same name is located 17 kilometers southwest of Paris, and it takes about 30-40 minutes to go to Versailles from the capital. If you want to get out in nature, enjoy the Sun and maybe exercising away a little of all the croissants as they frossat at for breakfast is a cycling trip to Versailles a nice alternative. The bike tour goes through the beautiful Bois de Boulogne in Paris outskirts.

Versailles Castle was the seat of the French monarchy and the Government between 1682 and 1789, and a town began to emerge around Louis XIV:s Palace in the late 17th century. Today, the Versailles 84 200 inhabitants, and is a fashionable resort with high schools and museums. Have lunch at any of the city's many restaurants or browse on the traditional market along the avenue that leads to slotsgrindarna. Another good idea is to browse through delicacy shops and enjoy a picnic in the gigantic Palace park. The entrance to the castle is not really cheap so it's well worth it to come here early in the day and take it easy, rather than rush around near closing time.

The gardens around the castle was built in the late 17th century, designed by André Le Nôtre, with rectilinear avenues, pruned shrubs, fountains and sculptures. In front of the Palace was built two vattenparterrer designed to mirror the Grand Palace facade. Through the Park are at 1,650 m long channel, Grand Canal. At the Canal, you can jump on a small train for a tour of the Park. In the park there are two recreational lots, the great Grande Trianon and the smaller Petit Trianon. In the late 1700s was Marie-Antoinette's domain Petit Trianon, There she was able to escape the rigid court life. About lust Castle Queen construct a English park sounded with associated farm. There are different admission prices and options to choose from for your visit. One of them is le Petit Trianon and Marie-Antoinette's estate.

The castle was built in stages during the 17th century and represents the finest of the century architecture. The entire castle complex has been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO. Paradvåningens perhaps the most famous room is the 78 m long Mirror Gallery – this was signed in 1919 the peace treaty between Germany and the allies that meant the end of the first world war. In the Gallery's vaulted ceilings with paintings and gold decor hanging crystal chandeliers tightly. Luxury characterizes the other halls, many of whom got their decoration in the 17th century under Louis XVI:s and Marie-Antoinette's time. Particularly sumptuously decorated are the seven rooms where the King received the foreign guests and Envoy. The Royal Chapel has a sober Interior in white and gold. Take time to wander through the halls and look at all the detail in both the official part of the Castle as the Royal family's residential rooms.

The French Revolution of 1789 – 99 abolished monarchy, and 1793 met Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette death at the guillotine. When France became a Kingdom in 1830 the new King Louis-Philippe decided that Versailles would be turned into a museum of the history of France. The King's collections of paintings, sculptures and other objects depicting the country's glorious past was installed in the castle's grand pianos.