A day in Paris

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Paris is known as one of the world's most beautiful cities. The town attracts not only with the history and romance, but may also produce some of the best cuisine in the world, great monuments and a vibrant city life. A day in Paris is a day you will never forget.

Start your day with a pleasant stroll along the Champ-Elysees. The Avenue is one of the world's most prestigious streets, and it starts at the Arc de Triomphe, the famous Arc de Triomphe. The monument was first built during Napoleon's time and commemorating the city's glory days. The street is adorned by many famous sights and there are also dozens of cozy cafes, stores and clothes shops, where you can stay to.

The next stop is the attraction that most associate with Paris. As one of the most famous works of all time, the Eiffel Tower is well worth a visit. The huge tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel and was first erected to adorn the World Expo 1889, to serve as its grand entrance. The world exhibition was also held at the centennial anniversary of the French Revolution. It is possible to go a bit up the tower but would be higher up so you get the jump on one of the lifts that will take you all the way up. One of the best times to visit the site of the magnificent monument can be at night time when the thousands of light bulbs light up the tower and make it a grand vision.

A pleasant way to spend an afternoon is to bring a picnic basket and sit in one of Paris ' many and beautiful parks. The Bois de Vincennes, Paris largest park and a great experience. There is a lot to see, everything from a Buddhist temple, pedal boats on the Lake, restaurants and also a shortstop for anyone who feels sporty. During the summer months you can see jazz concerts and performances at the Parc Floral.

After a long day of stroller so there is nothing that beats a sumptuous dinner and, as we all know, the French are known for their exquisite cuisine and delicacies. One of Paris ' best restaurants, which blends traditional French cuisine with flavors from the country's colonial past is Chez Omar. Here you will find affordable food of a high standard and the restaurant blends French and North African cooking, which in itself is a fantastic taste sensation.