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Paris has a relatively stable weather throughout the year. With stable we mean that when it's sunny, so keep it often in longer periods. Unfortunately, the same applies when it rains, as it does from time to time throughout the year.The summers are hot and humid, while winters are windy and can be very cold. Under såväl höst och vår så är klimatet dock oftast milt.Det är bäst att besöka Paris strax innan eller efter högsommaren, then it is still pretty hot, and the worst of the summer heat either has not started or has already expired. The months we're talking about is the second half of April to June and September and the entire first half of October, but this is of course a matter of taste and of course Paris is a busy destination for tourists during all seasons.
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Annual statistics

Temperatur i rött (Celcius) och luftfuktighet i blått (%):

Weather statistics Paris

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